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A Village Within, Inc

Kellie Vazquez, LPC, LMHC, CIMHP, SMC Full Circle Doula

About Me

             I am wife and mother of four & counting. My passion for working with families runs very deep. I come from a large family and being around pregnant women was a norm for me.

              I have had the professional experience of working with families for a over a decade. The strict focus of supporting mothers pre, during, and post pregnancy for over eight years. I am a LPC/LMHC by trade and Mental Wellness Therapist by experience.

                My skillset for providing doula services started with SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion training program. I have the capability to provide support on a full circle level. Although here at A Village Within, Inc the goal is to continue to fully support mother's during the fourth trimester. This is often a stage that is missed and less cared for. Just know I am here to help.

               Currently, my focus is assisting mother's to have the healing and recovery experience of their dreams. The role that I take for providing the needed support is holistic in nature. When I meet with a mom, I look at them as a whole-being. That means from a Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual aspects of self. Well balanced nutrition is promoted very highly here at A Village Within, Inc due to the notion of "you are what you eat."



Postpartum/Telehealth Visits

Due to my clinical training background, Postpartum support with be amplified to focus not only healing physically, you will also heal emotionally and mentally.

Lactation Consulting

Here at A Village Within, Inc we know that "breast is best." We are here to help guide you in the direction for having a successful breast bonding experience with your newest edition. 

Birth Doula

Let's have the birthing experience of your dreams. Creating the ideal mental space for what your birthing journey will look like. Manifesting your birth vision is key to a successful experience.

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